Below are the faces that have either stood out of a crowd at a fundraiser or have been asked by someone special in their life to be recognized for how they support our Fundraising team.


If you would like to see your child, friend, family member or even yourself appear on our page, please go to our "Contact Us" page & send us their name, age, city they live in and why you think they should be our next Fan that will be IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!

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This young lad is truly an inspiration.  He is a survivour of acute lymphoblastic leukimia.   Damon had many rounds of chemo including some lasting 24 hours infusions and week long daily treatment he also had multiples lumbar puncture during this period. We had the pleasure in meeting Damon last year during the welcoming of the SNKCR and look forward to seeing him again this year!!

Baby Harlow

By now I am sure that most of you know this little trooper.  In October 2015, this little one was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 7 months old. fter multiple sugeries and chemo the family was please to announce that her recent MRI was clean of cancer and Baby Harlow is on the road to recovery.  Way to go Harlow, you are an inspiration to us all!!

Abigail Age 20 months

This little sweety caught everyones eyes and she was walking by our cars during our Canada Day Extravaganza in Cape Breton.  Grandma said she was turning lots of heads and making everyone smile.

Dakota--Age 7

Everyone,  meet Dakota,  He showed up with his mom at our fundraiser on June 11.  At first look at all the stock cars, he was very eager to get in and experience what it's like to sit in a real racecar.  We can't wait to see this little guy at our next event!!

Mike Kaplan -- Director of Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame

It was with great honor to have been given the opportunity to have an interview with this gentleman a couple of weeks ago.  Mr Kaplan has always been a strong supporter of our fundraising team and has even taken part in a fundraiser last year and is going to be joining us again this year on July 1st in Cape Breton.  

He is funny,witty, always smiling and sure knows how to have a good time.

Mr Steves -- JMA Armstrong/Salisbury Middle School Principle

  Mr Steves was the first to jump in our little ACE Mini Cup Truck when we were at Salisbury Middle School collecting donations for the Fort Mac fires.  He had a bit of a struggle but managed to get himself all the way in to reach the peddles. He is funny, witty and the kids of the school sure do like having him around.  Thank you Mr Steves for supporting us and the Fort Mac fires.

Chelsey -- AGE 2

Introducing Chelsey!!!  Met this little dame at the BMO Walk so they can Talk Kids Help Phone fundraiser in May.   She is quirky, funny and definitely a joy to be around.   Thanks for joining us and sitting in our little #16 ACE mini cup truck.

Isabelle -- AGE 3

Next up is little Isabelle.   Isabelle came to the BMO Walk so they can Talk at Mapleton Rotary.  At first she was a little scared to sit in our #16 (ACE) mini cup truck but after a litle while she went in, after that, all she wanted to do was keep getting in and out for the rest of the time that she was their for.  Thanks for coming for a visit today Isabell and can't wait to see you again.

Shelby & Chevelle -- AGE 4

We met these girls at the Moncton Radical Speed Sport

They are 2 little country girls that defined the word cute when they came by our cars. These adorable twins may look alike but Mom says there personalities are completely opposite.  We are looking forward to seeing them at some fundraisers this summer!! 

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